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Tree of Friendship by Dr. Yashoda Rao

Oct 18, 2021 | Tribute

A friendship tree was planted of five girls -Uma, Rama, Vathsala, Vijaya, and Yashoda- in front of one of the classrooms of Mysore Medical College in 1962. It grew five different branches in different directions as life went on. The branches would touch each other when there was a gentle cool breeze with happiness and with sadness when there was a storm . As life has it one of the branches -Vijaya-broke by accident April 1,1999. The rest of the branches continued to grow till 2020 ,when misfortune struck the tree and within four months two other branches snapped-Uma April 7 and Vathsala July 31. The 48 year old tree is trying to sustain with only two branches now. Such is life.


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